10 Critical mistakes to be avoided during android app development

Mobile development has improved beyond anyone's expectations and it is still surprising the customers with its extra ordinary functions and features. It seems like technology is promising to introduce better and more innovative products at a faster pace and hence increasing the chances for many application developers to make bigger mistakes that could harm the product or even affect the entire business.

Designing an application is a challenging task and a lot of things are required to be remembered in order to develop it. An application should have an easy layout so that it is easy for the customers to use this app in their Smartphones.

Following are the 10 critical mistakes to be avoided during android app development:

1. Designing incompatible app that do not match all the existing features of various mobile phones.

2. No proper interaction with the customers while designing applications, especially the critical business apps.

3. Insufficient knowledge of mobile application development .

4. Non-consistent user interfaces .

5. Unable to understand the requirement of common users.

6. Not focusing on security can turn out to be a serious issue .

7. Complicated design of the app.

8. Ignoring social media .

9. Neglecting proper application testing .

10. Minimizing the value of marketing

Posted on : 15 June 2015