5 Reasons of Android Apps being So Popular Today

The smartphones and tablets are normally coming with the most well-known and generally used Android applications. And at the same time, the user also has choice from a variety of free and paid applications available at the Android Market. Numerous reports have highlighted why Android is more popular than other mobile operating systems. Few reasons are mentioned below as to know why android apps are so popular among users from all over the world.

1. Increased number of Android Mobile device user: Most clients download applications that are good and compatible with their mobile phone. So we can say that the popularity of the mobile applications is somehow linked to the popularity of mobile devices and the operating services.

2. Consistent App Launch and Updates: The regularly launched new applications and updated version of existing applications has also contributed in making the Android applications so much popular.

3. Applications to Suit Your Specific Needs: A user has the option to choose from the variety of applications as per the requirement and choice. The operating system further gives a chance to users to drag their favorite apps from the main menu to the home screen. By this the user can easily select the apps that they most frequently use.

4. Availability of large number of free apps: As the mobile operating systems, the prices of mobile applications also play an important role in their popularity. Everyone wants to use apps without paying much for it. Today, a huge number of android apps are free to download from android market and the also the free versions of the most popular apps are available for the customers to check the features and performance.

5. Compatibility with New Mobile Operating Systems: As highlighted in a number of reports, the Android applications can now run on the Windows operating system through popular software known as Wine. The cross- compatibility of applications will make it easier for customers to get to applications of their choice, irrespective of their mobile phone model operating system.

Posted on : 13 April 2015