Few Interesting facts in favour of mobile application development

Most of us in our pockets carry a mobile phone and 90% - a smartphone. Let's go through a few interesting facts about the mobile application development:

1. 58% of U.S. consumers aged 16 years and older (this is the second largest market in terms of technology, after China) own at least one smartphone.

2. In the year 2013, the number of mobile Internet users who browse websites and access social networks via smartphones, exceeded 1.2 billion.

3. The amount of mobile Internet traffic is 15% of the total Internet traffic in the world.

4. 61% of the Earth population can change their mind about the brand, if the brand offers opportunities for mobile access, mobile applications or purchase goods and services via smartphone.

5. 60% of online shoppers use smartphones at the time of stay in grocery stores and supermarkets, and another 50% - on the way to the store.

6. 90% of people switch between different devices in the process of completing a specific task, and in the process of implementation usually involves smartphones, desktop PCs, Internet tablets and even TV's.

7. In 2013 and 2014, it is planned to supply nearly half a billion Internet-tablets.

8.Mobile web continues acceleration, not only because of the love for the technology: every 100 milliseconds, during which user is forced to wait for the next page to load on the screen of a mobile phone or tablet reduces sales by 1%.

9. 85% of total users in the world browsed their emails via mobile phones and 16% of total users - via tablets.

10. 95% of smartphone users search for information, tied to local points, brands and data.

Posted on : 25 June 2015